How do I improve? Getting rid of limiting beliefs.

Everyone faces obstacles and inner critics in daily business and private life. Typically, we want to overcome the obstacles and typically our inner critic (this nagging voice of doubt inside us) tells us why our strategy will face serious limits. The inner critic is -more often than not - a very mighty force that slows down our learning and sabotages our success. It feeds on (bad) experience and limiting beliefs. Very often, we are not even aware of the inner sabotage. Instead, we tend to overestimate outside hurdles on our path:


My team needs too much micro-mangement, that's why I will not reach the annual target.

The capital markets are volatile that's why our company-story doesn't fly.

If only I earned more money I could retire earlier.

My networking skills are non-existing, that's why I'will never make it to director of sales.


Limiting beliefs easily become self-fulfilling prophecies. Therefore, if we want to improve, the 1st step we need to take is LIBERATION. Not so easy as limiting beliefs have become part of us, they are hidden and often come in disguise. Hiring a professional coach will help us to detect them, check if we still need them, and in case we don't, throw them over board. During this process, the void they've left will naturally be filled with our present visions and targets. Promising, isn't it?


Indeed, getting rid of self-made limitations is a tremendous relief. But how can we actually do this?


The keywords are "emotion" and "reflection" and "experiencing". Limiting beliefs ALL cause a kind of anxiety in us. Sometimes, we are even afraid of certain situations. To get rid of anxienty and fear there's only one way: We have to face them (very emotional), reflect on how they influence us, and experience that we survive them. Once, we realise that they neither killed us nor are of any use to us, they start loosing power. By this time, our personality has already grown immensely. Now, we can start exploring territory that was beyond our reach before we shook off our inner critic.


The second step is to explore our options and possibilities:


How can I combine micro-management with my annual target?

Which elements do I need to add to the company story in order to make it stand out?

What is it that makes retirement attractive? If money was no issue what would I do with my time?

What does it mean to network? What is my ideal networking style? How can I apply it?


And the 3rd step is gaining experience and strengthening our new 'muscles':


Practise, Practise, Practise.


Yes, we can manage to do step 1-3 ourselves. It will take quite some time and effort and especially step 1 might be tricky as our inner critic will do anything to avoid unmasking. Did you ever try to be your own tennis coach? Hiring a professional coach for self-development is a well worth short-cut. Professional coaches are thoroughly trained in walking us through the process. They require effort, commitment and money from us and in return they deliver value: We improve and widen our range. We become more effective. We become better leaders. We save precious time.


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