About VERI Coaching

VERI Coaching is a one-woman coaching service. I am specialized on coaching leaders on leadership development, transition and change, cross-cultural management, succession topics and life fulfillment. My client niche as well as my coaching topics are rooted in 20 years of working experience with CEOs, entrepreneurs and company owners.


VERI Coaching stands for 3 believes and visions:


The power, success and happiness of people who choose to live a life of mastery, purpose and authenticity.

Mastery needs practice,

Purpose means honoring a course larger than ourselves,

Authenticity means courage and stamina to stand for our values and visions.

For people combining all three attributes leadership comes naturally. They inspire others through their know-how, vision and clear boundaries. They can be trusted.


E-motion = energy in motion

People who are able to access not only their rational thinking but also their emotions make better decisions. They are more fulfilled, more creative and more open. Energy in motion moves the world. Coaching is a powerful tool to move your energy into motion!


Preserve, don't exhaust

Our world economic mantra needs to change. Growth needs to be redefined - away from consumption towards preservation of ressources and re-creating more local value. If we do not succeed in this radical change of paradigm, our children and grand children face a 'Mad Max' future. VERI Coaching wants to contribute in evolving game-changing and inspiring leaders for evoking this change.