Leadership and Life Coaching offered by VERI Coaching is effective and result driven. Coaching sessions are done online, over the phone or in person, depending on your location and logistics.


  • Individual coaching sessions
  • 45 or 60 minutes
  • For company owners, managers, executives
  • For private persons
  • On professional or private topics
  • Over the phone, on-line or in-person
  • In English or in German
  • You decide the number of coaching sessions
  • You decide the frequency

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For Whom?

Leadership Coaching is for managers, entrepreneurs, company owners and everybody who wants to self-develop and change default behaviour.


When? In professional life

Do you often find yourself doing strategic work on the weekend?

Do you like to better engage your team?

Are you managing multi-national employees?

Does your day-to-day business need too much micro-management?

Do you find it hard to assert your interests?

Do you hesitate to say NO?

Do you like to improve your decision making?

Do you want to enhance your work-life balance?

When? In private life

Are you at a cross-road in your life?

Do you like to spend more quality time with friends & family?

Are you unfulfilled with certain aspects of your life?

Is it difficult to live as an expat?


IF any of this sounds familiar leadership coaching will benefit you.


VERI Coaching supports you in an open and non-judgmental dialogue around your topics and your personality. The process is structured. YOU will strengthen your leadership capabilities, define your goals, learn to follow through on them and overcome obstacles in your professional or private life.


My expertise includes

  • leadership in organizations
  • leadership for work-life balance
  • personality develoment in new roles and with more responsibilities
  • cross-cultural learning
  • managing change, transition, succession
  • being a sparring partner for a non-judgmental dialogue



Leadership = Guiding People

Managers have subordinates. Leaders have followers. Good Leadership makes the difference between excellence and average. However, leaders and managers rarely have the opportunity of thinking undisturbed and relaxed about their core task: guiding themselves and their teams towards a defined goal. In daily business life, claims to good leadership are often vague and execution suffers from lack of time in day-to-day routine. And in private life, taking leadership for our life and our family often also surrenders to multilayered tasks and obligations.


Leadership skills boil down to excellence in communication, credibility and trust.


When did YOU last get training on these skills?


Regardless where you live, we can set up individual coaching sessions over the phone/on-line.


If you live in Germany, you may even choose to participate in our horse assisted leadership and team building workshops.