Expect CHANGE! Expect RESULTS! Expect COMMITMENT! Expect a clear FRAMEWORK!



A coaching process resembles a very focussed dialogue with the aim to change or improve certain areas of your life or your work. During this dialogue VERI Coaching engages your whole personality -your brain, your intuition and your spirit- in a reflection and action process about your topics. Sometimes it is contemplative, sometimes more action-focussed and even playful. The emphasis is always on your coaching goal.


Whatever your coaching goal is, we first build a solid base of deep understanding of your motivation, your values and visions around your goal and potential obstacles which hold you back. We distil how the obstacles can be overcome. Then, we develop steps to turn your plan into action. Your action is being called forth and followed-up and sometimes also challenged. You will shake off behaviour you no longer need and instead focus on the essentials. You will change, transform and grow.


You will

  • reach your goals, quantitive or qualitive ones
  • move your business to the next level
  • discover or rediscover what is truely important for YOU as a leader and a person
  • become less stressed and highly motivated
  • be able to coach yourself in situations when you are stuck
  • make reflected and fruitful choices in your professional and private life
  • connect easily with clients, staff and family & friends
  • move your life and your profession into your desired direction
  • become more impactful and effective and thus happier.

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We will work on YOUR topic in a safe, open and collaborative space. I am responsible for creating this space. Because my clients feel understood and supported, they feel comfortable 'pulling back the curtain' and getting to the root of what is and what is not working around their topic. Because I challenge limits and stretch your possibilities you can start taking leaps instead of steps.


To achieving lasting change and improvement, YOU and I will commit time and energy. This time and energy is committed to YOUR cause and vision of success. Without work, your goals remain wishful thinking. Therefore, I ask you to be ready to venture deep into your personality and be accountable for the execution of requests and inquiries. These need extra time beyond our coaching sessions. That said, you will not feel overwhelmed or foggy about what to do. You will instead be clear and focused about each next step.



100%. Coaching relationships and their content are confidential. I will not -at any time- speak to anyone about our coaching relationship or its content. Confidentiality will be part of our coaching agreement.