Frequently Asked Questions



Why is it important to include emotion and spirit? 


People's contemporary stance on 'intellect' is positive and distinct: Everybody needs brains to make rational, reasonable, prudent, etc. decisions. But this is only half of the truth neglecting emotion and spirit: Brain researchers and psychologists know that better decisions are made if people trust their intuition. This is especially true when complex topics need to be decided. Our intuition comprises of emotions, body feelings and our spirit, all of which serve as a collective memory for us.  If we neglect this vast knowledge by only relying on our rational thinking we waste big parts of our competence and ability. Surprising, isn't it? This is why VERI Coaching insists of engaging your intuition, spirit, gut feeling and body. I want you to access your entire repertoire.


Which coaching model is applied?


I apply the co-active coaching model and method of CTI-The Coaches Training Institute. Im am a certified CTI coach with over 200 hours of training. CTI is renowned for its rigorous training and its world-leading coaching education. It is fully recognized by the ICF-International Coaching Federation.


How is coaching different from consulting?


Consultants provide advise and solutions. Coaching deals with the person and not the problem. I strongly trust that clients know best what they want and what they need to do in order to reach their goals. Therefore, in coaching you won't get solution suggestions from your coach. Instead I will help you to find YOUR solution and walk you step by step through the required changes. During a coaching relation we will develop your awareness to clearly identify the topic and your range to decide and chose your best way to proceed.


How is coaching different from counselling/therapy?

Coaching presumes that you are mentally healthy and don't need 'fixing' or healing. Coaching deals with your present and your future with a strong focus on your potential and your vision.