Why Coaching?

If you find yourself looking at this website you are probably right in the middle of a reflection process about areas in your professional or private life you would like to change.


Perhaps, you have a very clear picture of the areas you want to improve, e.g. developing a more effective relationship with your clients, improving your leadership skills or learning how to revitalise your family life.  Or you just have a gut feeling or inner voice telling you that things are badly stuck and need a change. In both cases you know that there is more potential. And you know that you want to access it!


Coaching evokes change and transformation

Coaching creates space and time to focus

Coaching is result-driven

Coaching is the most effective path to personality growth

picture right: Elisabeth Kempen
picture right: Elisabeth Kempen

Change and Transformation: Coaching is a tool for developing and growing your personal potential. It can be directed to specific issues in your professional life - perhaps you like to improve your team performance or you wish to develop better communication skills. Or it can be centered around your private life. Keywords might be "life-work-balance" or "burn-out". In any case, a coaching process evokes challenging questions and new perspectives which eventually lead to changes and sometimes to lifechanging ones. This is the nature of coaching. VERI Coaching energetically coaches you towards your best self and your desired vision of your life.


Space and Time to focus: Good coaching helps you to consciously focus on a certain subject/topic for a long time. This can usually not be experienced in a daily working environment: The brain tends to change topics and focus frequently and the environment often does not allow for longer periods of being undisturbed. Developing new perspectives on topics by focusing on reflecting, perceiving and acting therefore is a challenging act for any leader in his/her working environment. Time-out with VERI Coaching grants you the liberty to focus undisturbed and as long as it takes to evolve new perspectives and ideas for your challenges.


Result-driven: In a coaching relationship we will first very clearly define your goals - short-, medium- and long term. According to them we will set our agenda. Along your agenda you will discover new perspectives to extend your range and to make durable and supporting choices for your life. Each change you wish to implement in your behavioural pattern will be anchored and strenghtened by specific requests for action. Thus, VERI Coaching effectively supports your growth process.

Effective: Coaching delivers a 98.5 % satisfaction rate (studies by the ICF-International coach federation). VERI Coaching engages you as a whole person consisting of intellect, spirit and emotion. If this triad works hand-in-hand you access your full potential. You will fully step into your challenges, responsibilities, dreams and visions.