Each coaching relationship is different regarding length, intensity, goals and the person or entity who pays for the coaching. Our coaching agreement will be tailored to your needs.


If you just wish to quickly develop ideas and solutions for a specific topic, we will probably agree on 3-4 sessions only but held within a short period of time, e.g. 1 or 2 weeks.


If you wish to foremost address your leadership development or ways to better balance your responsibilities you are possibly looking at certain behaviors and routines you will want to change or establish. This needs more time - 10 or more sessions but less frequent.


If your employer sponsors your coaching, the agreement is signed by the employer, yourself and me. The employer naturally wants to co-design the coaching goals, e.g. development of your communication skills, and will also need a coaching plan to be able to check your progress. The specific content of the coaching sessions, however, remains strictly confidental, meaning that I will not communicate it to your employer, unless you expressively wish me to do so.


Most importantly, however, you can stop our coaching relation at any time and without any cost. This means, you pay as long as you get value. This decision is completely up to you.


Most coachings worldwide are conducted over the phone/on-line. This gives you the freedom of traveling without having to reschedule your coaching session. It makes us independent from each others location and saves precious time.


For individuals, the monthly coaching fees vary -according to the frequency of our sessions- from US$ 100-400. You are welcome to spread our session frequency over a longer period according to your needs and your wallet.


For business owners, executives and managers the monthly coaching fees ranges from US$ 400-800 honouring pressing topics and more frequent and longer calls or in-person sessions.


Contact me for a complimentary trial session or a chat.



Horse-Assisted Leadership Workshops and Team-Building


For corporate clients sending a team to our workshop VERI Coaching designs an itenary tailored to your goals and the number of people attending. Team-building days out will have a different focus than training your top management on core leadership skills. The workshop fees range from US$ 750-850 per person depending on the number of people attending (min.6, max. 12). I happily design packages and offers tailored to your company needs.


For individual clients who like to sharpen their leadership skills we design regular open workshops and individual half days out. Timings are quite flexible and only need to be planned a couple of days ahead.

Open full-day workshops range from US$ 650-850 p.p., half days out including individual coaching are available at US$ 600.


All horse-assisted workshops take place in Soest, Germany.


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