Horse-Assisted Workshop Clients say...

"The Art of Leadership training helped me to deepen my insight into different leadership styles and how to effectively employ them. The instant feedback provided from the horses in this training, supports the learning in an exciting way."
Jan 2015, F.H. Risk Manager Insurance, Indonesia



ROADMAP TO MY LIFE                                                  Workshop for Grade 8 students at DSJ, Jakarta, March 2016

"...We know now much more, e.g. we want to work..."


"The workshop was fun and helpful. It's nice to know our natural talents and to push our dream to reality to make a better world in the future."


"I love the workshop...We discovered our natural talents but we also conntect more with each other.."


"...I learned a lot and for the first time I can truely understand my teenage self.."


"...I found my life goals.."


"..I learned a lot of things about myself. I became more confident ..."


"It was such a fun and eye opening experience. Now I know for sure what I want to be in the future and I can even start now!...I am now looking forward to my future life."


"...Before I walked into the room I was so nervous...But I was wrong. It was very exciting and welcoming. I felt I could say anything without being judged by someone. I felt free and safe..."


" really helped me with what my internship will be. It has a lot of fun activities and it made me feel comfortable."


" ...It made me feel motivated to try the things I like...For example I know (now) that I need fairness...It also made me think about stuff I don't really think about and I also found out some things..."


"The workshop was fun and a good thing to do."


"It's a 1 which means it's very interesting."


"...I learned a lot of who I really am that I don't even know about myself. This workshop honestly helped me a lot with discovering and expressing the true me. Thank you so much, much appreciation from me."


"I liked that we talked about us..."


"The best activity we did...was when we got to talk about our futures lives."


"I really enjoyed the workshop as it made me more confident, more relaxed and it made me find me...."


" Your workshop is acyually very fun and excellent...May be you can provide us some snacks..."

(VERENA:  Will do next time :))


"I love the coaching session. It helps me to calm and focus on what future I am heading to. Not only that, I learned how to cooperate more with my friends. I learned what their side is..."


"The workshop was amazing! I've learned so much about how to plan my future... It was inspiring and quite surprising..."


"I find the workshop very interesting. It helps me for my future. I helps me think what I am going to be in my working area and more. I liked the coaches, they are very nice and friendly."



Individual Coaching Clients say...

...they gained insight, improvement of leadership capabilities, energy and enthusiasm, practicable advice. They manage challenges better and make sustainable decisions.


"Verena provided
-          intensive and concentrated sessions,
-          intuitive approach to all kinds of issues,
-          helpful and practicable advice,
-          flexible and reliable timing of sessions
All in all the coaching enabled me to achieve a couple of significant improvements for my leadership capabilities in my professional life as well as insights and more understanding in my private life." (R.M., senior manager, automotive sector, Germany)



"Verena is an awesome coach who is professional yet personable, practical yet intuitive. Nothing gets pass her eagle-eye sharpness and direct, non-nonsense approach. Having had the privilege of being coached by her several times, I was left energized and supported by her amazing ability to hold each client's magnificence." (Sharon Lim, Learning Academy Manager, Singapore)



"Verena and I conducted regular coaching sessions in the past 6 months. The sessions touched personal as well as professional topics (e.g. leadership). Thanks to her professional skills, her life and work experience as well as her intuitive and demanding approach, Verena always helped me finding solutions to my problems. After the sessions I felt very relieved, extremely positive and enthusiastic. And, most important, I was able to manage the challenges much better than before and with sustainability. I will definitely work with her again in the future and can highly recommend her coaching services to anyone else. Verena is an awesome coach!"
(M.K., Head of Sales & Marketing, digital spirit GmbH; Compliance-Services Industry, Germany)